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What is drone shooting? How is it done? What is the cost? In which sectors is it used?

It is called amateur or professional advertising photos and videos with the help of aerial photography, which has become popular lately.

It is preferred for tracking in movies, bird's eye view in field studies, and producing content on youtube and similar social media platforms.

drone rental

In order to close the gap in the market that has emerged with the popular drone shooting technique, companies buy drones and rent them with options such as annual, daily, weekly.

Due to the cost of purchasing drones, most professionals needed to rent, and with this, this barber industry was formed. However, having a drone alone is not enough. You need a drone license to shoot. Likewise, aerial imaging specialists are needed to get good images.

For example, they decide on the positions, speed and distance that the drone will take according to the shooting scenes, so more professional shots are obtained.

Drone shots need competent people in the same way as ordinary production shots. If you don't, your money and time can be wasted.

Areas where drone footage is used

  1. Motion pictures
  2. Youtube etc. to produce content for social media platforms
  3. In music clips
  4. In the concert-period shoots
  5. In the news channels
  6. For live broadcasts
  7. For VR projects
  8. Hobby shots

Drone shooting advantages

  1. Producing better quality content thanks to 360 shots
  2. A chance to be original
  3. You profit from cost compared to the past
  4. High quality footage
  5. Bird's eye view

Types of Drones

a) Used for shootings (Advertisement, content, etc.)

b) produced for racing

c) Toy (hobby) drones

Things to consider

Be sure of the drone you want to buy. It should be chosen according to the sector and usage area. You must hire a licensed professional to use it. You should do the necessary research about the brand and model of the drone and you can get help from the experts.