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It is an open source C# based software platform for developing modern and performance applications for Android, IOS and Windows with .NET.

It is a mobile application development platform that reaches more than 1.4 million users globally. It was created by the team that developed Xamarin Nono (an open source development platform based on .NET). Founded in 2011, the company was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Native application; It is a process that takes a lot of time and needs to be rearranged for each platform. A hybrid with Xamarin (creating applications for more than one platform with a single programming language) has eliminated this problem.

Thanks to the Android and IOS SDKs in Xamarin, it makes the codes written in C# suitable for the desired platform.


  • Reduces time and cost
  • Offers a huge library collection.
  • Offers cross platform support for Android, IOS and Windows.
  • Maintenance process becomes easier.
  • It helps to develop mobile applications with performance.
  • Quick and easy prototype applications can be developed.
  • Provides support for IOT, wearable technology and smart television.
  • Offers full hardware support.
  • It gives native user experience.


  • Android gives late support to IOS updates.
  • Offers limited access to open source libraries.
  • It is costly in corporate uses. (Visual Studio Enterprise licenses etc.)
  • Not suitable for heavy graphics applications.
  • Simple native knowledge is needed.
  • It may not be stable. Error codes and bugs can negatively affect the process.

When we look at many pros and cons, Xamarin is more suitable for corporate use. It saves time in hybrid projects and this is a big plus and necessity for corporate companies because time is money for companies.