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Advertising Management

By ensuring that your ads are managed within the framework of an effective strategy on all platforms through various online and digital channels, we increase your interaction with your audience and enable you to acquire new customers.

Search Engine Ads

With content marketing strategies, we enable your business to reach your target audience directly.

Social Media Advertising

It is one of the fastest and most practical types of digital advertising. You can reach users directly.

Google AdWords Management

We develop strategies suitable for your company in order to use your budget at the maximum level in your Google ads.

Reach Your Customers Online

Who Needs Advertising Management?

With advertising management, you can reach the customer base you want to reach by using the biggest social media channels of the internet and Google, the biggest search engine. You can increase your brand awareness, increase your e-commerce sales, and promote your services by reaching more target audiences with advertisements. Digital channels that we manage advertising;

  • Google AdWords Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • E-mail Ads
  • Digital Media Ads
Let's Grow Your Brand Together

Get Ahead of Your Competitors with Digital Advertising Management

In order to get efficiency from your website and social media accounts, first of all, an advertising management strategy should be created. Determining the effective keywords suitable for your industry and making competitor and competition analysis in the relevant keywords carries your company to the first place in search engines. It plays an active role in the growth of your brand by increasing the interaction of your target audience in search engines and social media channels with the data collected in the strategy.

  • Identifying Demographic, Geographic, and Relevant Filters
  • Reporting of Monthly Spend, Conversion, Engagement Numbers
  • Competitor and Competitive Analysis on Keywords
  • Determination of Ad Title and Texts
We listen to you and analyze your company's wishes and needs. We produce solutions that will benefit your company in digital.
We produce advertising content on your search engine and social media channels with the right strategy, analysis and goals. içerikleri üretiyoruz.
We constantly monitor, report and analyze the efficiency of strategies and the returns of advertising efforts.

Our packages

You can review our packages and choose the one that suits your needs.

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Budget Optimization
  • Competition analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Monthly Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do We Do in Advertising Management?

As part of our advertising management service, we provide you with keyword analysis, budget optimization, competition and competitor analysis. We report all the data and developments we have obtained as a result of our services to you on a monthly basis.

What are the Differences Between SEO and Ad Management?

With Seo, you naturally get to the top, while you get a certain time ranking according to the budget you set with ads. But the most optimal situation is to support your SEO work with Ads.

What are the Benefits of Keyword Research to Your Site?

Relevant research is carried out by looking at the sector your brand is in. As a result of these researches, it is evaluated which words the users may encounter with your brand in the search results. As a result, words that can make you stand out in the search results are selected.