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Mobile Application Development

For all your individual or corporate solutions, mobile applications come to the fore as an indispensable tool in your communication with your customers.

Application Development

As iOS and Android application development team with our mobile application development experts, we help you develop mobile applications suitable for your every business.

UI & UX Design

We bring your brand meticulously designed interfaces for mobile applications that are user-friendly and compatible with current design trends.

Professional Support

Along with transforming your idea into mobile applications, we take the corporate identity of your company to the next level on digital platforms by customizing the application according to its usage areas.

Let's Bring Your Application Ideas to Life!

Want to surprise your users with new features?

Mobil We can develop your mobile application ideas with our design and coding skills, turn your corporate or individual projects into unique mobile applications, get paid whenever you want, accurately identify the expectations of your target audience, and increase your income through e-commerce and advertising channels; You can make your products and services more functional and high quality, and increase your customer potential. Mobile applications with our infrastructure compatible with every device; It can be easily adapted to changing conditions, updated when necessary and developed with new ideas.

  • We can develop your company in the digital world with mobile applications.
  • We know how to increase the performance of your application while using minimum resources.
Communicate with Mobile Application!

Easily Track Progress

One of the most effective ways to communicate with your target audience and users is mobile applications. In mobile applications, you can send notifications such as promotions, notifications, discounts, and campaigns to your users with instant push notifications. Your communication and earnings will increase with notifications containing the opportunities you will offer to your customers. You can earn more income by getting more interaction with your application with the notifications you forward.

  • We prepare designs that will facilitate the user experience.
  • Thanks to modern designs, we always keep you up to date.
  • We stand out in app markets using industry trends.
  • Thanks to our strong infrastructure, we enable you to reach your customers instantly.
We research your target audience, learn their habits and draw our roadmap.
We design and code the most beautiful interface for your users with the knowledge we have gained from our research.
We publish your mobile application in application markets and move it to the top with strong advertising strategies.Packages.

Our packages

You can review our packages and choose the one that suits your needs.

  • Hybrid Development
  • Panel Management
  • Advanced Mobile Features
  • Simultaneous Operation
  • Android - IOS Development
  • Panel Management
  • High Speed and Performance
  • Multiple Currency
  • Language Option
  • Notifications Push

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Advantages of Mobile Application?

Thanks to mobile applications, your brand has the opportunity to reach users first-hand. Thanks to Push Notification, you can show important developments about your company or information that will attract the attention of users on notification panels or screens.

What's the difference between a Mobile App and a Mobile-friendly site?

Mobile applications have their own dynamics. While websites have their own research according to user profiles, mobile applications can be designed with different criteria. While mobile applications are more preferred for users, websites are visited more on a need-based basis.

Is It Important to Be in Mobile Application Markets?

Yes, because users can express their opinions about your brand in the comments of your mobile application. Thanks to the points and comments they will give you in the comments section, you can stand out, your credibility and awareness can increase. At the same time, thanks to these comments, you can communicate with your users at first hand and increase your customer relations.

What do we pay attention to in the research and development process?

When designing a mobile application for your brand, we first look at what your brand wants to offer to users. Then we find out how it should be presented by researching current trends and user habits. We bring together many ideas and visual appeals depending on the industry your brand is in. While doing this, we aim to ensure that the user does not get bored while experiencing the application and finds what he is looking for in a simple but memorable way.

Why Alone Software

Mobile application development is a very new industry for now. Each platform has its own criteria and writing principles. Since it is a young industry, it is very difficult to find reliable and experienced business partners in this field. First of all, we present our experience and reliable references.