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Thanks to social media platforms, you can present your brand to your customers in a free and stylish way.

Content Management

We highlight your account quickly and safely by sharing the content created with the aim of introducing your brand to your customers in the best way, at the times when users can gain the most interaction.


We keep your customer satisfaction at the highest level by responding to the interactions in your account as quickly as possible. For example, responding to comments on a product post or answering questions about your service.

Corporate Design

We design posts specifically for your brand. In our designs, we pay attention to highlighting your corporate identity and conveying your mission and vision directly to the users. We also make your account look eye-catching by sharing these designs in an elegant order.


We bring your brand and your customers together...

We bring your brand not only in front of your current customers, but also in front of your potential customers. By analyzing the target audience, we find the user group that may be interested in your brand, service or products. Thanks to this research, we capture a profitable process from the tags to be used in your posts to your advertisements. We provide optimum gain and interaction by presenting the posts specially prepared for you in front of your target audience.

  • Audience Analysis.
  • Preliminary research for your target audience.
  • We provide optimum profit for your brand.
How Do We Manage Your Social Media?

First you and your customers!

If you do not already have an account, we first create your account. Then we prepare designs suitable for your brand's corporate identity and present them to your liking. After approvals, we research your target audience and share our content in a way that we can bring to the user at the optimum level. We analyze the results and share them with you regularly.

  • Special Designs for You.
  • Labeling based on your target audience.
  • Social media, product integration.
  • Eye-catching account designs.
We listen to you and analyze your company's wishes and needs. We prepare designs suitable for these and present them to your liking.
We determine our sharing and advertising strategies by performing target audience analysis.
We plan your shares and control your interactions. We regularly share their analysis with you.

Our packages

You can review our packages and choose the one that suits your needs.

  • 10 Posts
  • 10 Stories
  • Target Audience Detection
  • Cover Page Images Design
  • Advertising Tools Planning and Management
  • 20 Posts
  • 20 Stories
  • Target Audience Detection
  • Advertising Tools Planning and Management
  • Cover Page Images Design
  • Asset Planning
  • 30 Posts
  • 30 Stories
  • 3 Video Production
  • Target Audience Detection
  • Special Days Posts
  • Asset Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Social Media Consulting Important?

Social media platforms are places where you can interact directly with your customers. By keeping this interaction at the top, you can strengthen your relations with your customers. You can bring your new products, services or campaigns together with your customers through social media. But for all this you need healthy management and stylish themes. Thanks to our social media consultancy service, we meet these needs for you.

What to Do in Social Media Management.

Although social media management may seem simple, there are golden rules to consider. These golden rules are as follows; Quality and original content management, determining the right strategy, time management, dynamic social media profiles and organic interactions.