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With Virtual Switchboard, no matter where your office or your employees are, it is sufficient to have an internet connection for it to work.

Special Numbers For You

Bringing your geographic or portable numbers to the conditions that are suitable for you, or a new number is allocated for you. These Numbers work in the cloud environment to meet your corporate or personal needs. While doing the same work with the traditional PBX, you can benefit from the privileges exclusive to the virtual PBX service.

Text Preparation and Voice Over

Translating the virtual switchboard scenarios designed for you into text. Voice of the created text in appropriate languages and tones.

Special Scenarios for Your Customers

When your customers want to reach you, filtering their problems or requests so that they can get better service and guiding them to reach solutions with the right steps. As a result of the designed scenarios, we aim to increase your customer relations by solving the problems of your customers or by getting the support they want.

Low Cost Advantage

Low cost, high advantage

Thanks to the virtual switchboard, you can minimize your costs. There is no monthly maintenance cost. It does not cost you when you change offices. A virtual switchboard is much more cost effective and less costly than a competing physical switchboard. However, it can perform the same functions and more as the physical switchboard. You can record your conversations and forward them to your mobile phone. Thanks to the virtual exchange, you can receive hundreds of calls over a single line. In this way, your customer satisfaction will never be harmed.

  • Interview Record.
  • Lower costs.
  • Call Pickup.
Happy Customers, Opened Phones

Customers' Happiness Passes Through Open Phones

Be always reachable with the virtual switchboard. With call forwarding, you can always stay in touch with your customers by forwarding your mobile number, even if you are not in your office. Always keep your customer satisfaction at the top with scenarios specially prepared for you. Provide uninterrupted support to your customers with e-commerce integration and customer recognition system

  • Call Forwarding
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Conference Call
Allocation or Transport of a Geographic or Portable Number
Preparing the Voice Over Text and Making the Related Voice Over
Preparation and Implementation of Routing Scenarios Suitable for the Customer Ve Uygulanması

Our packages

You can review our packages and choose the one that suits your needs.

  • 2 International Lines
  • 5 User Capacity
  • Pending Call
  • Conference Call
  • Call Forwarding
  • 5 International Lines
  • 25 User Capacity
  • Centralized Voice Response Service
  • Softphone
  • Voicemail
  • Conference Call
  • Number of Optional Users
  • Optional Trunk Capacity
  • Instant Messaging
  • Customer Management Panel
  • Detailed Search Detail Interface
  • Conference Call

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual switchboard?

Virtual Switchboard is an internet-based new generation telephone exchange that replaces old-style physical telephone exchanges, provides service over the Internet with cloud technology, and you can use the switchboard features from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Why should you use virtual exchange?

There is no commitment, it allows you to provide uninterrupted communication with your customers with fast installation. It can be accessed and managed from anywhere with an internet network. It is easy to use. You can save up to 75 percent on your search costs.

How Can You Use a Virtual Switchboard?

You can provide service over the internet with cloud technology without having a telephone exchange in your company. You can use it by assigning a 0850 or geographical number, or by porting your existing fixed phone number.

Are Virtual Switchboard Numbers Digital Numbers?

Virtual Switchboard numbers; are fixed phone numbers with a new generation IP technology infrastructure.

Will my virtual exchange service stop when my internet is cut off?

In cases where you do not have mobile internet or Wifi internet, you can forward your Virtual Switchboard number to your fixed or mobile phone number.