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Web Design

We offer the most suitable solutions for your design and software demands. You can contact us to have more information about web design. We would be happy to share with you detailed information about the web design works we have produced.

Web Software

With the designs that serve the purpose and goals of your business, we ensure that it directs the customer in the most accurate way, is user-friendly and is coded in a format suitable for search engines.

Corporate Web Design

It is a dynamic, functional, manageable format that gives confidence to visitors in the digital environment of your business. It will make a high contribution to your corporate identity so that your company can reflect its identity with a strong expression.

Professional Support

Along with transforming your idea into mobile applications, we take the corporate identity of your company to the next level on digital platforms by customizing the application according to its usage areas.

Compatible with All Devices!

Want to Keep Your First Place on Google?

We take great care in presenting your company identity to your target audience with a direct and effective design. The content on the site should have a simple and understandable design that your target audience can easily access. We pay attention to the details that will increase the functionality of your site, such as the fast loading of your pages, in-site links and the positions of the menus. A web site suitable for your company identity and easy to use by your target audience.

  • We design a flexible, responsive and compatible site for all mobile devices.
  • We prepare designs that serve their purpose.
  • We reflect your dynamic, seo compatible, corporate identity correctly.
  • We encode so that search engines can read it.
How Do We Do Web Design?

We are careful when designing your website.

With its professional working principles and experienced team, Alone Software Technology is always with you! With a good website design, your company can both offer its products and services to its customers and easily inform its customers about the innovations on its products / services. What you need is to present your company identity to your target audience with a direct and effective design.

  • We are investigating initial business user habits.
  • We support your brand with designs that reflect it.
  • We care about your safety.
  • We combine functionality and attractiveness.-We listen to you and analyze your company's requests and needs. We produce solutions that will benefit your website.
We listen to you and analyze your company's wishes and needs. We produce solutions that will benefit your website.
We design and code with correctly determined strategy, analysis and goals.
We complete and publish your website. With our support packages, our team ensures that your website is always up to date.

Our packages

You can review our packages and choose the one that suits your needs.

  • SEO Friendly Infrastructure
  • Easy Management Panel
  • Compliant with Turkish Commercial Code
  • Responsive (Compatible with All Devices)
  • Easy Management Panel
  • SEO Friendly Infrastructure
  • Marketing-SMS-Cargo Integration
  • Virtual POS
  • Product Transfer with XML
  • Special Pricing for Dealers
  • Gift Certificate Systems
  • Private E-Commerce Consultant
  • Custom Theme Design
  • Detailed Panel Training
  • Integration with Marketplaces
  • Mobile Application
  • Integration with Accounting Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Responsive Design important?

Mobile devices are at the forefront of today's usage habits. Many users surf the Internet with devices such as phones or tablets that they can carry and use anywhere. Thanks to our responsive design approach, users can navigate smoothly when they enter the site from mobile devices.

What do websites provide you?

Thanks to our easy-to-use and simple admin panel, you can analyze how many visitors your website receives and how much interaction it receives from which platforms or social media channels. In this way, you can find out which way your brand will reach people faster.

Why should I have the Website?

In the virtualization frenzy that has increased due to the pandemic, everything from shopping to reading books can now be done online. Thanks to the websites, you can virtualize your works from your stores to your magazines and deliver them to users quickly.