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Within the scope of our Social Media Consultancy service, we work together to bring your brand to a better point. We undertake the communication of all your social media accounts and focus on the highest benefit you can derive from social media. So what do we do together within the scope of social media consultancy?

  • We prepare your content strategy and provide application in accordance with your monthly calendar.
  • We prepare the social media procedures that your employees must comply with.
  • We determine the main strategies in digital in accordance with your brand's strategy.
  • We manage all your ads on social networks in line with your budget.
  • We report all our activities on a monthly basis and answer the question of how we can do better.

Sometimes brands do not consider it appropriate to delegate management to an outsider. In such cases, they set up an internal team to run the business. But an externally experienced eye will always bring better results. In such cases, we provide consultancy services. What do we do within the scope of consultancy;

  • We review the entire strategy and optimize our digital strategy.
  • We prepare social media procedures that employees must comply with.
  • We plan individually for each situation what to do in case of a crisis.
  • We determine the content strategy and optimize all content by reviewing it in each calendar period.
  • We hold regular meetings at the required time intervals and plan our every step together.
  • We periodically feed the team with mini-trainings and ensure that it is always up to date.
  • We prepare our reports at the end of each period and measure the benefit of all our activities.

We believe that the real key to Social Media Marketing is to measure, and for this reason, we measure and constantly optimize every step we take.