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Especially in this period, software and the professional groups that come with it are highly preferred.

The reason is that the chances of making decent amounts of money even as a freelancer increase even more when you get a chance to work for a company.


Now let's come to the most important issue, where should someone who wants to start software start first?

We can say that it is almost necessary to know the algorithm to start the software,

Well, I can hear you say what is an algorithm, to explain it like this; are the stages of doing a job in almost every field, including software. Your priority should be to find out.


Read all the updates and documents on the subject you want to produce, try to understand, no matter how important the application is in a job, you must first understand it. In this way, you will both learn the language and have the opportunity to study outside of the course.

Foreign language

When there is a language barrier, information becomes more difficult and you have to use paid content. Learning a language opens up a door of unlimited information to you, so you can access most resources without paying.

Note taking habit

There is a saying that if the words fly away, no matter how hard you work on something, if you do not have the habit of taking notes, you are much more likely to forget it. This gives you an opportunity not only to forget the knowledge you have learned, but also to see your own shortcomings.


Use Github, you will have the chance to add and read open source projects in it, so you will learn the coding knowledge necessary for a project while testing your own code understanding. At the same time, you can save your own projects there and check your progress regularly.

mastering a subject

Never work on more than one language, your priority should be to master one language, after doing this you can switch to different languages, otherwise you may get confused, and if you want to produce a project at the same time (we are talking about a professional job here), you need to know that language very well, otherwise you will never be good enough. You won't get a chance to get a job.