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How is website content determined? What are the important points in color selection?


This is the most important detail. The reason is that since the content is one-to-one with the visitor, the content should answer the problems that the visitor is looking for.

The content of the site should be suitable for its purpose, it should be simple and concise and should not be extended.

It should be checked whether the content is problematic in different browsers so that visitors do not have problems and your brand looks professional.

Fixed bugs are proof of a complete website.


While writing the content, the desired message should be given simply, without tiring the reader and in a direct way.

For example, when we go to a company's website, x should enable them to find company information, products and images easily.

color on website

Attention should be paid to the emotions that colors evoke in people, and care should be taken to ensure that this color is suitable for your brand.

For example, blue gives comfort and coziness, green gives life, security and stability, yellow gives positive emotion, attention and excitement.

Apart from these, it should be noted that there is no color complexity. Visitors do not like this complexity and find it bad. Be sure to choose no more than 3 colors.

Must-have features

  1. must be original
  2. Sufficient information should be given without exaggeration.
  3. must be fast
  4. Detailed information should be provided if requested.
  5. Color must match the design
  6. There should be no domain-content difference
  7. Should be at the top of search engines
  8. Analysis must be possible
  9. Must establish a relationship with the customer
  10. Make sure it is SEO compatible.

What is off-page SEO?

They are non-site actions that affect your ranking in search engines.

Although the algorithm Google uses is unknown, it is estimated that off-page SEO has a 50% impact.

How to do off-page SEO?

From different sites (especially reliable ones) to improve off-page SEO; Must link, article about the brand, and votes of confidence.