Cyber ​​security:

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Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computers, mobile devices, electronic systems, servers, and data from malicious attacks.

  • It helps software and devices not be affected by viruses and threats. By protecting the privacy information of a hacked app's data, it keeps you safe and your information remains private.
  • It is the application of protecting a computer network from intrusion, regardless of people who want to infiltrate your network from malicious software.
  • ns the integrity and confidentiality of data both in storage and in transit.
  • Defines how an organization responded to a cybersecurity incident that caused transaction or data loss. Disaster recovery policies determine how the organization restores its processes and information from activity to primarily returning to the same operating capacity.
  • It includes decisions and processes regarding data protection and processing of assets. Permissions when users connect to a network, or procedures that determine where and how data can be stored or shared.


  • Addresses the hardest cybersecurity factor to consider. Anyone who does not follow the security warnings can accidentally infect another secure system. It teaches users important lessons such as deleting suspicious email attachments, not inserting unidentified USB drives, not clicking on every link sent. Knowing this information is critical to an organization's security.

Types of Cyber ​​Threats;

There are 3 layers:

  • Financial gain with cybercrime
  • Politically motivated information gathering by cyber attack
  • Cyber ​​terrorism is used to undermine electronic systems


  • The virus infects files using malware and replicates itself
  • Trojans force users to install it and damage the computer and collect data.
  • Spyware is a program that secretly records what a user is doing.
  • Ransomware malware that locks folders or files and demands ransom for them
  • Adware is advertising software used to spread information
  • Botnet is malware used to perform online tasks without user consent.

Protect Yourself From Cyber ​​Attacks:

  • Update your software and operating system
  • Use antivirus software
  • Use strong passwords
  • Do not open email attachments from unknown senders
  • Do not click on website links and links from unknown users
  • Do not use unsecured wi-fi networks in public places